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1933 William H B Thornton Prototype Teasmade 2

1933 W H B Thornton 2nd Patent GB-414088A-I
1933 W H B Thornton 2nd Patent GB-414088A-I

On January 27th 1933, William Hermann Brenner Thornton applied for his first patent on a teasmade. This was less than a year after George Augustus Absolom’s patent of May 2nd 1932.

Apparatus for making hot beverages
Application Number GB19330002684 19330127
Publication Number 414088 (A)
Application Date January 27, 1933
Publication Date July 27, 1934
Assignee William Hermann Brenner Thornton
THORNTON, W H B, 32 Derwent Road, South Ealing, London. Jan 27 1933, No 2684. [Class 129.] An apparatus for making tea, coffee, &c., at a predetermined time, the movable platform 8 on which teapot 9 stands is coupled mechanically to a double throw switch rod 14 in the circuit of a mains current supply, one of the contacts 24, being included in the heater circuit and the other, 16, in the alarm circuit, so that the current energises either the heater or alarm circuits according to the position of the switch. The platform 8 is urged upwards by a spring 10. When the rod 14 is in its innermost position as shown in the Figure a gap 18 is engaged by a spring plunger 19. The switch 24 of the heater circuit (controlled also by a master switch which is first closed) for the water boiler 20 is then closed and the water commences to become hot.; When the boiling water siphons up into the teapot 9, the added weight depresses the platform 8 against the spring 10, releases the catch 19, and the rod 14 is moved to the right under the action of the spring 17, closing the switch 16 of the alarm circuit and breaking the heater circuit.