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1936 Goblin Teasmade

First Goblin Teasmade 1936
First Goblin Teasmade 1936

Goblin purchased the rights to William Hermann Brenner Thornton’s design, and manufactured the first commercial Goblin Teasmade in 1937. It was made of plywood, and a lampshade “of a pleasing and modern design” was included. The kettle was chrome plated and was fitted with a patented element. It was available in two versions, The Alarm Model and the Day Model, and buyers could choose from a cream, green or blue finish.

Many thanks to Doug for presenting me with a Teasmade launch leaflet as a wedding present – what a lovely gift!

The Day Model can be seen in the launch leaflet. This had no clock and was operated by a switch as required. A businessman has successfully transplanted his tea lady with a teasmade! The Day Model was offered at £3/15/0.

The Alarm Model with its synchronous alarm clock cost £5/15/6. It came with two earthenware cups, saucers, a cream jug and a sugar basin.

An advert for it can be seen in the Hobday Brothers electrical catalogue of 1938. Note that the tray and stand in the advert are painted green, with a matching green tinted lampshade. The clock was a synchronous Goblin Electric Alarm Clock. It was marked Goblin Electric on the dial just below the twelve, and Made in England on the bottom of the dial. The name Goblin Electric and “patent app. for” is on the back of the clock. The Alarm Model in my collection is complete with original yellow teapot marked Made in England. It was found under a house in Australia and incredibly both the teasmade and the teapot are in mint condition, with no stains or chips. On the underside of the base is the name Goblin and the number 1207.

Either model could be enhanced with a tray, two cups and saucers, cream jug and sugar basin (in the Hobday catalogue this costs an extra 10/6).

Production of teasmades was halted in 1939 due to the outbreak of war, and did not resume until 1947.