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1951 Goblin Teasmade D23

1951 Goblin Teasmade D23
Goblin D23

The D23 was a compact model with no integral teapot. It was the first model to carry the “Popular” model name. It was probably introduced in 1951. The D23 has a cream stove-enamelled, die-cast alloy body. The ‘Popular’ name was used for this basic teasmade style until around 1970.

The body of the D23 is cast aluminium, on a pressed steel platform. Doug writes:

I love the 24 hour alarm superimposed on a 12 hour clock face. I have tried it out and it works fine. On the dial what appears to be 8.30 am is in fact 7.00 pm. A useful feature, as it is possible to set it up after a morning cuppa and it won’t go off in the evening. Why it was not used on other models and dropped on the D26 I don’t know – ahead of it’s time perhaps? A less useful aspect is that the light is switched off with the buzzer – it has no independent switch. So the bulb is used about 10 seconds a day and in theory should last about 500 years!