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1954 Pifco 1045

Pifco 1045 with painted kettle
Pifco 1045 with painted kettle

In 1954 Teesmade Engineering entered into an agreement with Pifco, to produce their two pre-existing models in the Pifco name. These became the Pifco 1045 and 1047. Teesmade Engineering not only manufactured the units but also provided after sales care. There is a label on the underside of many units giving the address for spares and service as 52 Lansbury Drive, Hayes, Middlesex, Tel Hayes 0661, and asking customers to ship the kettle only if only that item required repairs.

Pifco Tea-maker 1045/5907½ 200/250 volt, AC only

Pifco Tea-maker 1045A/5907½ 100/120 volt, AC only

Pifco’s address in September 1950 was Pifco Ltd., 63 Great Eastern Street, London EC2. Their 1045 Tea-maker was based on a model manufactured by Teeboy Engineering. Pifco took this model over in the 1950’s and marketed it as the Tea-maker 1045. Pifco’s 1954 catalogue reads:

A flick of a switch and complete relaxation while the water boils, kettle automatically switches off and a gentle buzzer announces that the tea is ready. The Tea-maker comprises a 2-pint kettle, ivory enamel finish with insulated handle and chrome plated bayonet fitting lid.

Mounted on an ivory enamelled base 10¼ in. x 5in., embodying a cork covered stand for a teapot. (Teapot not supplied). If desired a table lamp or radio may be connected to the 2-pin 5 amp socket incorporated in the base. Complete with 4 feet 3-core braided circular flex. Loading 560 watts.

The 1954 price was £3/19/6 – no tax.