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1954 Pifco 1047 Tea-o-Matic

1954 Pifco 1047 Tea-o-Matic

In 1954 Teesmade Engineering entered into an agreement with Pifco, to produce their two pre-existing models in the Pifco name. These became the Pifco 1045 and 1047 Tea-o-Matic. Teesmade Engineering not only manufactured the units but also provided after sales care. There is a label on the underside of many units giving the address for spares and service as 52 Lansbury Drive, Hayes, Middlesex, Tel Hayes 0661, and asking customers to ship the kettle only if only that item required repairs.

In the 1954 catalogue the text reads:

Set the clock and the Pifco Tea-O-Matic, without any attention – Boils the water, brews the tea, and wakens you at the appointed time with with a gentle alarm signal. A handsome appliance comprising electric alarm clock in ivory plastic mounted on ivory enamelled base 10 5/8 in. x 5 1/8 in. and chrome plated 2-pint kettle in modern styling. (Teapot not supplied). Table lamp or radio may be plugged ino the 2-pin 5 amp socket mounted on the platform. Complete with 4 feet 3-core braided circular flex. Loading 560 watts.

The clock is by Metamec and has Pifco printed on the face.

The 1954 price was £6/19/6 plus tax £1/5/6. My own later 1047 box is marked with the price £13.19.00. The box contains a label explaining the newly available wiring colours (blue, brown, green/yellow).

The Pifco Tea-o-matic belonging to John differs slightly from my model in that it incorporates two pin plug outlets in the base which act as an auxilliary terminal for a separate lamp or other electrical device to be switched on with the alarm. John has kindly supplied the following description of his model:

“10” x 5″ folded and painted metal base, hardboard underside with four retaining screws through rubber feet. Chrome kettle on sprung hinged base with switch to provide boil dry cut off. Clock mounted alongside to occupy other half of plinth. Round clock face mounted in square plastic surround. Motor body in black plastic supported at rear by additional “A” bracket for extra rigidity. Clock by Metamac Electric has five controls comprising, alarm cut off, alarm set, sync.start, hands set and “tick” on/off. (Highly sophisticated). Internal wiring and switching is crude and to pre- war standard. Manufacturer plate on rear of plinth. Kettle with neolite handles has blade type heating element. Kettle discharges into operator provided tea pot (need to ensure adequate capacity!) with quiet and rapid discharge by normal standards.