1954 Teaboy Junior

The Teaboy and the Teaboy Junior were manufactured by Teesmade Engineering at Lansbury Drive in around 1954. These were distributed through wholesalers. The Teaboy Junior featured in a 1954 catalogue. The price in 1954 was £7-12-0 (listed as wholesale).

Helpfully a date of August 1957 is scratched onto the base of the kettle on my example, which strikes me as a fairly reliable clue as to its age! The Teaboy Junior has a Smiths Sectric New Callboy clock in ivory finish. It needs no winding. There is no lamp fitting but there is a socket at the rear for a lamp, radio or toaster to be attached. This is activated automatically when the alarm sounds. Chromium plated 2 pint capacity kettle. The bodywork is aluminium. Teapot not supplied.

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