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1957 Practical Mechanics Tea Maker

Build a Tea Maker in Practical Mechanics Feb 1957
Build a Tea Maker in Practical Mechanics Feb 1957

In February 1957 Practical Mechanics Magazine featured an article on building your own teasmade which suggests using a Smiths Callboy alarm clock and a 750w Pifco kettle (model number not given but probably issued as a spare for the 1045 or 1047). The writer, A S Neale, suggests mounting the automatic tea maker onto a bedside table (as illustrated), complete with a lovely rectangle of formica upon which to stand your hot cup.

The bleary eyed mechanic has obviously been working on his construction all night and is badly in need of his cup of tea!

This issue’s editorial introduces another ground-breaking invention: “Another American company says that it will have tape-recording for television on sale to the public in 1957. This means that you will be able to purchase a spool of tape as you now buy a gramophone record and record your own television programmes.”