1980 Breville Teasmade 870

The Breville 870 was a rebadged Goblin 870, made by BSR and exported to Australia. Date unknown – estimated at 1980. The photos of the Breville 870 are kindly supplied by website visitor Graham.

Breville 870 serial number
Breville 870 serial number

3 thoughts on “1980 Breville Teasmade 870

  1. How much would a 870 Teasmade from the 1980′ s, never been used with all original parts be sold for today

  2. The best way to check current values is to do a Completed Items search on Ebay. The current range for an 870 seems to be between £25 and £80, but bear in mind the higher prices may be top heavy due to the season and Christmas.

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