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Doug Fennell

Doug Fennell
Doug with some of his collection

Doug joined the ranks of the techie teasmaniacs in February 2002 and has always done his best to answer any questions. Doug is an expert on technical matters and Goblin production, and specialises in collecting Goblins. Some of his extensive collection is pictured on this page. You will find more advice and pictures of some of his models featured throughout the site. Doug’s eleven favourite teasmades in his collection are:

  • 1936 Goblin pair
  • 1937 Hawkins Supreme
  • 1947 Goblin D20
  • 1949 Tealarm
  • 1951 Tealarm (different operating method)
  • 1949 Hawkins LGH 1200C boxed unused
  • 1949 Hawkins LGH 1200D boxed unused
  • Hawkins Classic LGH 5000
  • Goblin D23 boxed unused
  • 1961 Goblin D25B Queen Anne boxed unused with Queen Anne china
Doug filming for GMTV
Doug with his Ideal Home collection of 1950
Doug's teasmade collection (2020)
Doug's teasmade collection (2020)
Doug's teasmade collection (2020)