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Ethelred Alfred Willson

Ethelred Alfred Willson
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Ethelred Alfred Willson of 11 Canning Road, Croydon, Surrey, submitted several patent applications with Frederick George Creed of Creed & Co Ltd., Telegraph Works, Croydon, relating to telegraphic equipment. In 1925 Creed and Co. (including Ethelred, but not Frederick) applied for a patent relating to improvements to electric switches. Ethelred and Creed and Co. continued aplying for patents for telegraphic apparatus until 1932.

In 1926 Ethelred alone applied for a patent relating to variable electric condensers. His address was still 11 Canning Road, and he referred to himself as a telegraph and telephone engineer.

Ethelred’s first teasmade patent was applied for in Great Britain on 1st Oct 1928 and published on 1st Jan 1930. It was for ‘Improvements in Automatic Means for Heating Water, Making Tea and the Like‘.

In 1933 Ethelred made an application in Canada with a partner, Alfred John Tennison of 80, Littleheath Road, Selsdon, Surrey, for a paatent relating to a Liquid Heating and Transferring Apparatus. The application was published in August 1933.

Finally Ethelred and Aldred made a GB patent application on 21st March 1932, also for ‘Improvements in Automatic Means for Heating Water, Making Tea and the Like‘. By that time he was living at 35, Cedar Road, Croydon, Surrey. The application was pubished on 23rd October 1933.