Eureka! Scientific Milestones

Teasmades featured in the Sunday Times colour magazine in The Facts of Life section on September 23rd 2001. The article by Kathy Brewis (how appropriate is that?!!!) was headlined: ‘EUREKA! SCIENTIFIC MILESTONES’, and it used a DO1P1 picture from the Argos catalogue as an illustration. It read:

The concept behind every guesthouse’s pride and joy dates to 1902, when a Birmingham gunsmith created a clockwork tea-maker. Brenner Thornton developed the idea, and invented the Teasmade in 1936. Goblin mass- produced it, and by the 1950s it was a must-have for every nylon-nightie-clad housewife. The style police ridiculed John Major for keeping one by his bed, yet 30,000 new D01P1 Teasmades are still sold every year. And older models often grace car-boot sales.

Kathy Brewis, Sunday Times colour magazine, September 23rd 2001