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Kennel Teasmade

I am delighted to introduce Kennel Teasmade, breeders of the most gorgeous English Setter show dogs, in Uppsala, Sweden.
Kennel Teasmade

I am delighted to introduce Kennel Teasmade, breeders of the most gorgeous Blue Belton, Orange Belton, Tan and Tricolour English Setter show dogs, in Uppsala, Sweden.


When I first started collecting teasmades in 2000, I was excited to find that there was a kennel using the Teasmade affix for their English Springer Spaniels. The owner of the kennel, Eva, sent me a photo of one of their original dogs, Thea, which I proudly displayed on my first website.

Eva and Henrik have owned gun dogs since 1994 and their Teasmade affix was approved by Fédération Cynologique Internationale (the World Canine Organisation) when their first litter of English Springer Spaniels was born in 1998.

Currently Eva and Henrik have seven English Setters, all from English blood lines. Several of them have kennel names inspired by tea, including another ‘Thea’ (their first English Setter), ‘All the Tea in China’, ‘Teaspoonful’, aka Ceylon, and ‘Another Cup of Tea’. You can find out more on their website, or on their instagram page. Here’s their latest litter, born on the 6th of March 2020, (all puppies are sold). Aren’t they gorgeous?

It was lovely for Eva and I to ‘meet’ each other again on Instagram, so we decided to conduct a virtual interview and catch up.

Hello Eva, it’s so lovely to be back in touch with you!

Yes, this is amazing. How could I forget you from those early internet days?

I’ve always wondered, why did you choose the name Teasmade for your Kennels?

When I applied for a kennel name I wanted one I could relate to, something that was special to me and something that made me think of the UK, since the dogs I breed stem from England. An Irish friend of mine brought this machine to my attention when I was searching for a suitable name. I had never heard of them back then. It seemed perfect, given that I love tea so much (it’s my one addiction in life😂) and given that we ‘make’ puppies. In my mind I could clearly visualise a couple of noble English Setters lying at the feet of some British people having afternoon tea in front of the fireplace.

What has been your favourite tea themed dog name since you started?

Some of my favourites are: Teatime Gossip, True Tea Lover, Tasty Tea Cake, Hot Teapot, My Cup Of Tea, and Storm In A Teacup.

Those are lovely, and they sound so English! Do people ever ask you questions about teasmades?

Honestly I can’t recall anyone ever asking about our kennel name. The reason might be that people in Sweden do not know what a Teasmade is.

Do you drink tea and if so what type?

I loved tea back in 2000 and I still do! People who know me would all mention that I’m constantly sipping on a cup of tea, from first thing in the morning until the last thing in the evening. I usually drink black tea with flavours of chocolate, vanilla or rhubarb, but this changes every now and then.

I love rhubarb tea too! Finally, I have to ask, do you have a teasmade?

Unfortunately I don’t have one, but I definitely wish I did, especially for my first cup of tea in the morning😊.