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2006 Micromark Teaexpress MM52183

Micromark Tea Express MM52183 2006
Micromark Tea Express MM52183 2006

This updated version of the Micromark Teaexpress was launched in December 2006. The Teaexpress made two standard cups of tea and offered all the benefits of a classic teasmade. Of all the 150+ models in my collection at that time, this was the one which found its way to my bedside during the naughties. Full marks to Micromark!

On 5th December Micromark wrote:

Micromark today announces the launch of its updated Teaexpress® teas-maid – in a stylish retro white finish (model number: MM52183). This unique product provides the perfect start to the day: the ideal gentle wake up call, a freshly brewed cup of tea without the need to leave the warmth and comfort of the bedroom.

With its new ergonomic design and easy to use controls, making the tea is a simple and easy procedure. Ideal for evening use, the illuminated LCD alarm clock with analogue face and reading light means that Teaexpress® is the perfect bed partner.

The Teaexpress comes with auto tea making and ‘tea now’ facilities, rapid water boiling facility and is complete with ceramic tea pot.

Morag Melville, Senior Product Manager at Micromark explained:

This is a successful and popular product line for us– and we hope that updating it to the stylish new finish will see even greater demand.

This teasmade really hit the mark. On first glance the design looked somewhat akin to a handbag, but as teasmades go, it is subtle and tasteful, stylish, compact and practical. The unit is easily wiped clean and importantly there are no ledges and ridges in which tea stains could accumulate.

There was a large, clear, clock face illuminated all night with a soft green glow, and a sensible bedside light. The unit seemed solidly built. The teapot was sturdy and the lid secure when pouring. The controls were intuitive, well organised and easy to navigate, even in semi-darkness.

The water came to the boil quite quickly and remarkably quietly, until (as with most teasmades) there was a sudden and rather surprisingly loud whoosh of hot water at the end. If this hadn’t already woken you, which I doubt, next you were be aroused by an insistent, but thankfully not too loud, beep beeping. “Attention, this tea maker is reversing!” it seemed to call…

A radio model was also introduced.

Micromark Tea Express Radio MM52183 2006
Micromark Tea Express Radio MM52183 2006