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2003 Micromark Teaexpress MM9889

Micromark Tea Express MM9889 2003
Micromark Tea Express MM9889 2003

Undaunted, and perhaps wiser for a negative experience with the Time 4 Tea, Micromark decided to create a new teasmade featuring their own modern tooling. The new design, the Teaexpress MM9889 was released to the market in October 2003.

The Teaexpress was a four cup tea maker and was manufactured in China. It boiled rapidly, and seemed to keep noise to a minimum. The LCD clock has an attractive analogue face and I found it very easy and intuitive to set the clock time and the alarm time. However, the clock hands were only visible from the front, and the clock face glows green day and night, so this tea maker was not for those who need total darkness to sleep!

The buttons below the clock were simple to use but the light switch on my demonstration model was indecisive and you had to hold the whole unit still with your other hand while you press it. The ceramic teapot was identical to that of the Swan DO1. The Teaexpress featured a reading light, although I found it rather too faint to read by, and it got very hot if left on for long periods of time.

I believe that in 2005 Micromark released a Teaexpress Radio model.