2009 Swan Teasmade STM100 and STM200 ranges

The Swan Teasmade STM100 range was introduced in 2009. The STM100 was a daring departure for Swan, who sought to modernise that familiar old chestnut, the Swan DO1, with a substantial facelift, whilst broadly keeping to its instantly recognisable form.

The model was given a blue backlit LCD clock, and a sleek curved top which incorporated a reading light. The teasmade was well received although the bright glow of the clock was not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

A series of spin off models followed: firstly the cream coloured STM100CREN, then in the Autumn of 2010 a welcome development, the white STM100N2, which featured an auto-dimming clock light. This was almost universally approved by users, although some complained that it was now too dark to read the time. A radio model STM100RAD was launched in 2010.

Models with the N suffix are imported by Swan Brand under licence from Shop Direct. Renumbering of this model range to STM200 and STM200N was introduced in 2015 due to a factory change. The product remained unaltered. Later products have an updated Swan logo.