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Teasmade Quotes

Teasmade Quotes

Here are some of the quotes about teasmades which I’ve come across over the years…

The greatest advancement in civilisation since the aqueduct.

Guardian, 12th June 2007

Bring back the Teasmade… as long as it comes in a pair of boxer shorts!

Zoe Tyler, Loose Women, 14th Oct 2009

It’s another thing that sits by your bed collecting dust.

Lisa Maxwell, Loose Women, 14th Oct 2009

We have a radio next to the teasmade in the bedroom. We always used to switch on ‘Today’ when we woke up and had our tea.

Norma Major (interviewed by By Paul Donovan)

Norma Major told me that a Teasmade is very naff. Immediately I realised that I was naff, and very happy to be so.

Beryl Cook OBE, 2001 (interviewed by Ann McFerran)

Mornings for me are family time. We have a Teasmade – my mother bought it for me. So in the morning my son Callum and I sit in bed while my husband Conrad gets ready for work. Geeky but brilliant.

‘Strictly’ star Karen Hardy, April 2009

I pity the fool who doesn’t own a Teasmade.

Not Waving but Ironing Blog, 1st August 2010. The Not Waving but Ironing blog is written by an anonymous forty year old mum. It features a post on the joys of teasmade owning, entitled I pity the fool who doesn’t own a teasmade, in which Mr Not Waving pops out to Argos and buys a Teasmade.

A loud alarm goes off at 7am. As I open my eyes, without taking my head off the pillow, I flick a switch on the Teasmade. It’s one of the most fantastic British inventions ever. I travel all over the world with Earl Grey tea bags, but nobody ever has a Teasmade. I wish they were in hotels.

Liz Earle, skin care expert, The Sunday Times, 1st May 2011