Teasmades in JCBs

We were delighted to read in The Construction Index that in 2010 JCB made a move towards supplying its drivers with teasmades. Actually it’s taking it a bit far to suggest that it’s a teasmade – really it’s just a hot water dispenser capable of producing tea, coffee or soup, but it’s a step in the right direction! As The Construction Index quips: “After extensive customer research, JCB discovered that operators liked a hot drink on a cold day.”

Tim Burnhope, JCB’s group managing director for product development and commercial operations, said: “Driver comfort is paramount and we are always looking at new, innovative ways to improve things. We have a proud tradition of product innovation and being first to introduce the latest technology and this is just another example. In fact, we believe this product is a world first.”

He added: “We continually challenge ourselves to raise the bar to provide operators with a comfortable working environment. In preparation for a cold winter, our team of engineers looked for innovation inside the cab, the place where operators spend the majority of their time. We all know that a happy operator is a more productive operator and so we felt everyone wins with our new innovation.”

The hot water dispenser locks securely into an area at the side of the cab of all 3CX and 4CX Eco backhoe loader models. It uses the 12V supply directly from the machine and has been designed to fit into the existing cab layout. Tea bags are not included.