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The Teasmade, a Potted History

The first chapters of my teasmade book are available exclusively to subscribers on this website!
The Teasmade, a Potted History
Sheridan and Mike at Astley Book Farm, 2023

My husband and I love to write books in our spare time – my husband’s are fiction, and mine are mostly local history and family history books. Unfortunately, earning money always seems to get in the way of our niche publishing plans!

The Teasmade Book is the next big writing project on my to-do list. I have made a start, but I have no specific timescale to complete it, and there is no publication date as yet. I’m sorry that I can’t be any more definite.


The first few chapters are now available exclusively to subscribers on this website, and your encouragement will without doubt motivate me to work on more! Thank you, I greatly appreciate your support.

If you are interested, you can find all our other books on my personal website. Most recently, in March 2023, I published my mother’s memoirs – she was a Red Cross VAD in India. My books are also available to order from your local bookshop or from Amazon.