The Teasmade Trademark

Goblin BVC registered the ‘teasmade’ trademark for their automatic tea makers in 1947, although there was a near miss when the Chairman proposed changing the name to Cheerywake. You can see the new trademark in use for the first time here:

Goblin Teasmade Launch Leaflet, presented by Doug Fennell
Goblin Teasmade Launch Leaflet

In the early 1970s the BSR group (Birmingham Sound Reproducers), an electronics company famous for their record players, took over Goblin BVC, Bulpitt and Sons, and Judge. The combined operation became known as BSR Housewares, with Swan Brand as a subsidiary operation. The ‘teasmade’ trademark thus passed from Goblin BVC into the hands of Swan Housewares.

From 1st July 1988 to 12th Dec 1991 the ‘teasmade’ trademark was held by Swan Housewares Limited. In 1988 Swan was acquired by Groupe Moulinex of Paris, France. Groupe Moulinex later merged with El.Fi.

From 12th Dec 1991 to 23rd March 2000 the ‘teasmade’ trademark was held by Moulinex Swan Holdings Ltd, then on 23rd March 2000 the ‘teasmade’ trademark passed to Moulinex UK Limited.

In September 2001 Groupe Moulinex filed for bankruptcy protection. In October 2001 the SEB Groupe bought the Moulinex and Krups side of the business, and Littlewoods bought the Swan side of the business. Littlewoods thus became the sole owners of the Swan brand and the teasmade name. Littlewoods Limited still owns the Teasmade trademark (2020).