A basic guide to using a Teasmade

To operate most teasmades, all you need to do is fill the kettle with water, place the teabags in the pot, put the teapot in position, and set the alarm. Detailed instructions for current models can normally be found on the manufacturer’s website. We have some instruction manuals for vintage models on this website – simply check the relevant page for your model. Once you know how the mechanics work, you’re all set!

The first step is to prepare your teasmade at bedtime, and remember to set out your cups or mugs, teaspoons, a bin for used teabags and some milk.

Most Teasmade users in the UK find that milk kept in a small jug alongside the teasmade never goes off overnight. Skimmed milk keeps better because of the low fat content. For hot climates or warmer weather you could try keeping the milk in a small flask or even using a mini-fridge. I don’t recommend using small catering pots of UHT milk. Just think of all that plastic waste, and it won’t taste as good either.

You can use any kind of tea for your teasmade, both loose leaf and teabags are fine. In fact (whisper it quietly) you can even use coffee!

Sheridan posing in the style of Teasmade packaging 2005
Sheridan posing in the style of Teasmade packaging (taken in 2005)