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1949 Goblin Teasmade D21

1949 Goblin Teasmade D21
This Goblin D21 owned by Doug has a confirmed date of 1949, when it was given as a wedding present.

The Goblin D21 was manufactured from 1949 to 1955, when it was replaced by the D25.  It was similar in appearance to the D20, with its cream coloured textured paint, wooden tray and teasmade unit. The body was still plywood, but the tilting platform was now made of cast aluminium, rather than wood, and hinged on the left (teapot) side. The kettle was square, made of dimpled copper with a chromed finish, and had four bakelite feet. The kettle is made in two halves, top and bottom, and has a central seam. The teasmade instructions are helpfully printed on its body. There are some slight variations between individual models but exact details and dates remain hazy. Some examples are illustrated below. Most significant of these were changes to the teapots and the clocks.

A new style diagonal teapot with a curved handle was introduced some time between 1949 and 1955. This new teapot style continued in use on the subsequent D25 until 1970, with minor changes only, e.g. on John’s D21 the corners of the polygon lid are not as pronounced as those on the D25.

Throughout the production years the clock surround was square and chrome finished,  but the clock face seems to have changed from square to circular, and then back to square. Doug feels sure that surplus stock was routinely used up on teasmades as he has owned examples of both clock faces. He observed that the round clock face on a later model was the same as that fitted to the Timespot clock radio.

Edi, who lives in Switzerland, collects teasmades on his visits to England. His boxed D21, serial number 33944, retains its outer label and instruction leaflet. Alex’s early D21, serial number 29104, has a switch stalk on the left which is longer than that on the right, which is consistent with John’s model. John’s D21 bears the later serial number 48817. Mike has an even later D21, serial no 54643.

Doug has a D21 which was given as a wedding present in 1949, and another dating to 1949-1950. This example was sold to Doug not working but he soon fixed it and it is excellent condition. It had one owner who died in 1982 and it had been stored since then.

An advert from 1949 illustrates what appears to be a D21, still in production with the square teapot design. The price is itemised both with and without a tray, crockery not supplied. With tray – £15.9.0, without tray – £14.7.11. I have an even later advert in an electrical catalogue dated 1954 which lists the Goblin D21X at £12-16-6 (wholesale). The casing is identified as being made of plywood.

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