1970 Teeboy Deluxe

This teasmade was made by Teeboy Engineering in the 1970’s (exact date not known). It is mechanically and structurally very simple (the base is a thin sheet of hardboard!) but it works well and has a simplistic appeal. It has a square kettle and teapot, with the handles and spouts set diagonally at the corners, but the Metamec clock breaks new ground for teasmades with its unusual design.

The Teeboy Deluxe was made with several different kettle designs, some are ceramic, some chrome, and all the lids differ, as do the clock faces. Despite these variations no Teeboys have a visible model or serial number. I believe that another Teeboy model was produced featuring a kettle and a teapot, but no clock.

Servicing details for this model spanned two premises. Some examples of the Teeboy Deluxe, featuring a Metamec clock with a production date of 1976, have on them a label stating that for repairs and service the owner should contact Teeboy Engineering at Pump Lane, Hayes. Other examples bear a label stating that the service address for Teeboy Engineering Limited is in Uxbridge.

1970's Teeboy Deluxe with box
1970’s Teeboy Deluxe with box

4 thoughts on “1970 Teeboy Deluxe

  1. We have a Teeboy Delux model and have some questions about its operation. When we use it manually the alarm sounds when the water has boiled. Can you switch off the alarm? There is also a small rotating knob which appears to switch between ‘off’ and ‘tick’. Does anyone know its function? Also, there is a slot with the the symbols ‘alarm off’ and ‘alarm on’ showing but no indication as to how you switch between them. I suppose an instruction manual would help. Many thanks for any advice

  2. Flipping the switch on the front will turn off the alarm. To prevent the alarm from buzzing at all you would have to rewire the circuitry. The tick switch literally turns the tick on and off. The tick is broken on my example – if yours won’t tick you may have the same problem. I’m not sure what you mean about the slot. There should be two switches. One is for the alarm, the other for tea now.

  3. I have the teeboy de-Luxe and internal wiring got disconnected. How can I get the wiring diagram to fix it. I would really appreciate the help here. It belonged to my grandfather and my father is really attached to it.

  4. Sorry, I only have wiring diagrams for a few models, and not this one sadly.

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