1978 Breville Teasmade 860d

The Breville 860d was a rebadged Goblin 860, made by BSR. I have not seen any other Breville 860s, only the d. The date of this model is not confirmed. A reader suggests 1978, although previous research suggested early 80’s. If you have documentary evidence please let me know!

Models are known to have been exported to Australia. The example illustrated was contributed by website visitor, Terry. He writes:

“Interesting to note that the underside of the ceramic teapot and kettle is blatantly Goblin, as you’ll see in the photos. The serial number is Breville, and you may note the Breville branding on the clock fascia written ‘behind’ the Teasmade script. The colour is given a pinkish hue due to the soft lighting we have in our technical training classrooms. I did not adjust the hue to bring it back to the white it really is. There was too much glare when I used the flash.

I picked up the Teasmade from a ‘junk’ sale in northern New South Wales a couple of years ago, after having seen my first at a antique store here in Brisbane, Queensland. From what I rememmber, and so does my daughter, the antique store one had a radio. Probably an 870, although I thought it was more ‘art deco’ than the more modern ones. Wife convinced me not to buy it, but next time…..”

Breville 860D serial number
Breville 860D serial number
Breville 860D stamp
Breville 860D stamp
Breville 860D teapot
Breville 860D teapot

9 thoughts on “1978 Breville Teasmade 860d

  1. I just bought one of these 25.00 Australian dollars – was that expensive????

  2. That would depend on its condition, but if it works well, that sounds like a bargain!

  3. I have one since 1980 and it was working without any problem, put last year the clock stopped and no body can fix it, by the way I am living in Jordan these days and the set with my. thanks for your time.


  4. Just bought the 1978 Breville Teasmade
    Having trouble removing the lid from the boiling jug can you suggest any easy way of removing, seems to stick and I have to use force to open it.
    Any ideas
    Ian Donaldson

  5. We had one of these growing up in the 80’s in Australia. I wonder if anybody knows what they cost brand new early 80’s. Cheers. Ben

  6. I have this same teasmade with the instruction manual. There is no date that I can find on the unit, however, the manual says it was printed in 1978.

  7. Does anyone know if you can adjust the buzzer volume? I have followed the goblin instructions but there is no adjustment knob on the Breville model.

  8. I have a Breville teasmaid 860D in excellent condition but missing it’s manual. Therefore, l don’t understand how to set the timer. I am interested in selling it for approximately $100 .

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