1979 Goblin Teasmade 870

Goblin Teasmade model 870 was produced from about 1979 to 1984. The 870 follows a different “keyboard” switch logic to the 860. The teapot is chrome. Also available complete with a Royal Doulton Berkshire tea set. An example in white with a stainless steel kettle, serial number 211793, has been confirmed with the date 1983.

Reader Steve bought an 870 in perfect working order from E bay in 2004: price £25.00. Included in the package was an invoice from Currys (Port Talbot) dated 22/11/1979 for £69.99. He writes: “It really was a luxury item in those days…..but good value as it is still working today”.

A special 870 version was made with a kettle converted for coffee. This was made for export only, and examples have occasionally been seen in the US.

There was also a Radio version of this teasmade.

Download the Goblin 870 Manual

Goblin Teasmade 870 box
Goblin Teasmade 870 box