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2011 Swan Vintage Teasmade STM101 and STM201 ranges

Swan Vintage Teasmade STM201N
Swan Vintage Teasmade STM201N

The Swan Vintage Teasmade STM101 was launched in 2011 with a very deliberate nod in the direction of Swan Brand’s wealth of heritage. As with all teasmades, this model is an all in one tea maker, clock and alarm. The design is very similar to that long-serving old faithful, the Swan D01.

Like the old Swan D01, this model has a flat lid which doubles up as a tray, the perfect place to stack your mug and milk jug overnight. Swan listened to its customers and kept the dial of this model free of illumination at night. The time is told with traditional clock hands. Although Swan has made a particular effort with their products to speed up the water boiling, it still takes about five minutes – just long enough for you to come to your senses by the time the tea is ready to pour.

The classic black and white packaging includes a whole top surface devoted to products of the past. The only colour on the box comes from two bright rows of rainbow coloured kettles, but these are kept tidily hidden on the inside flaps of the box.

There is also a cream coloured version of this model, the STM101CREN, and a US version, the STM201US.

Models with the N suffix are imported by Swan Brand under licence from Shop Direct. Renumbering of this model to STM201 was introduced in 2015 due to a factory change. The product remained unaltered. Later products have an updated Swan logo.

These were formerly manufactured by RBC Electronics, then NLC Services Limited, but I believe they are now made exclusively abroad (in China).