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2011 Breville Wake Cup

Breville Wake Cup
Breville Wake Cup

The Breville VCF042 Wake Cup is a 700ml hot water dispenser with an integral digital alarm clock. It features two separate dispensers for two cups, allowing you to make the same beverage or two different ones, including all varieties of regular and herbal teabags, as well as instant coffees, hot chocolate and other soluble drinks.

The Wake Cup digital alarm clock can be programmed to start making a hot drink when the alarm rings. The hot drink and alarm features can also be used separately. If you don’t fancy a brew one morning, simply set the alarm without the beverage option. Or if you want a drink without the alarm press the beverage button alone.

If you like to gradually start your day, there’s the snooze option. Once the alarm has rung, pressing the snooze button will schedule it to ring again in a short period of time so you get a second nudge out of bed.

Found on the top of the Wake Cup unit, the digital alarm clock display is illuminated so it can be seen throughout the night. This reacts in accordance with a built-in light sensor which alters the display in relation to the ambient light. This prevents your sleep from being disturbed.

You can also insert a battery into the unit which will prevent oversleeping should you experience a power cut.

Getting out of bed can be tough in the mornings, especially in winter when it can still be dark. That’s why the Wake Cup includes a Dawn Simulator. This helpful design feature gradually lights up the room 90 seconds before the alarm rings. This provides a gentle, less intrusive introduction to the day and works with the alarm to bring you to ready alertness. It remains lit for up to 30 minutes or until it is switched off manually.

The Wake Cup is compact so it doesn’t take up too much space by your bedside and is kitted out with a number of helpful additions. Stored at the rear of the unit is the filler jug to be used to fill the Wake Cup with water and there is also a 350 millilitre (ml) stainless steel flask. This provides somewhere to keep your milk cool overnight so there’s no need to trek to the fridge to complete your drink or alternatively pour your drink into the flask if leaving the house in a hurry.

The unit itself includes an integrated storage compartment for you to keep teabags and other small equipment out of the way and can also be used to rest used spoons on. The Wake Cup is easy to clean and care for thanks to the drip tray. This keeps things tidy, collecting any spilled liquid in one place and with a cover so there’s no fear of knocking this over. This tray can then be removed from the unit and the mess conveniently disposed of.

The Wake Cup is fitted with a non-slip base to hold the unit secure and in place and cord storage to keep your bedside table fuss-free.

Remove the filter jug from the rear of the unit and fill it with the desired amount of fresh, cold water. Pour this into the 700 ml water tank and place your cups – complete with your chosen drink ingredients – on the tray. Press the dispensing button to begin the process, or alternatively press it to cancel it completely.

When the alarm sounds, the boiled water will automatically begin to fill the cups. The dispensing lights will illuminate during the pouring process and these will remain lit a few minutes after dispensing. This acts as a safety feature, confirming that the unit has been in recent use and so is still warm. Once the cups are filled, prepare the drinks to your taste.

Breville is the leading brand of small home kitchen appliances in the UK, with a hugely successful range of products across the spectrum of kitchen appliances including kettles, toasters, irons, blenders, food processors, microwaves and many others. Breville’s success is driven by innovation and design, as well as a determination to provide great looking, high quality products that meet the demands of every kitchen in the country.

*Cups not included.

Breville Wake Cup
Breville Wake Cup