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A busy week in June 2007

Doug on GMTV
Doug on GMTV

June 2007 was a very busy time for Doug and Sheridan! First of all the Daily Mail announced the come-back of the Teasmade in an article on 11th June. The Telegraph also ran an article stating that John Lewis, the department store chain, was planning to bring back the Teasmade after customers’ complaints that they could no longer buy the machine. A whole series of media events has followed swiftly on their tails.

11th June – Doug was interviewed on Radio 5 Live.

11th June – Sheridan interviewed for an article in The Guardian pronouncing the teasmade “the greatest advancement in civilisation since the aqueduct”.

12th June – Doug was filmed by GMTV.

12th June – Micromark announced that it was leading the revival of the teasmade and that the Daily Mail and the Telegraph were wrong – teasmades WERE available on the UK high street. They wrote:

What’s the latest trend in electrical products in UK bedrooms? Leading electrical company Micromark is instrumental in leading the comeback of the nation’s favourite from yesteryear – the teasmade. Contrary to recent articles in both the Daily Mail and Telegraph, Micromark Teaexpress teasmades are still available to buy from leading retailers on our high streets.

What better way to wake up than with a gentle hissing and bubbling as your tea brews to signal the start of the day? It’s the ideal gentle wake up call without the need to leave the warmth and comfort of the bedroom. Very popular from the 1950’s era, selling millions of units, the humble teasmade is making a serious comeback in the UK – sales are booming and major retailers such as Argos are stocking them.

Julie Dommett, Marketing Director at Micromark, said:

We’re definitely seeing the revival of the teasmade, it’s now one of our best-selling lines. There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cuppa to revive you in the morning. They used to have an old-fashioned image from when our parents or grand-parents used them, but not anymore. With today’s stylish designs, the teasmade is making practical sense for the nation’s Mums and Dads all over again.

12th June – The Times published a (tasteless) joke!

12th June – Doug interviewed and photographed by the Daily Mirror (but never published)

12th June – Doug interviewed by Southern Counties radio

13th June – Doug interviewed by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

13th June – a letter about a teasmade inventor published in the Telegraph

14th June – Teasmades and our very own Teasmaniacs featured on Radio 4’s You and Yours programme.

16th June – An article about Teasmades by Richard Hammond in the Daily Mirror.

20th June – Sheridan interviewed on MacAulay and Co for BBC Radio Scotland

23rd June – Channel 4’s All About Food programme was aired today. The subject was ‘Tea’ and it featured Doug and his collection.

6th July – an article about Doug in the Croydon Advertiser. They also created a photomontage video with Doug’s voiceover.

7th July – a letter about Teasmade parts was published in the Guardian