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About this website

A brief introduction to this website.
About this website
Illustration by John Gannam, Ladies Home Journal, July 1949

This website for teasmade owners, collectors, and enthusiasts, is run by Sheridan Parsons, a historian, with additional content supplied by Doug Fennell, an expert on technical matters and Goblin production. For more information about Sheridan and the history of this website see here. Sheridan is also writing a Teasmade book.

The site, originally teasmade.com, was reopened as teasmade.uk in 2020 after a three year break. I moved it to a new host in 2024, and I am now in the process of improving the content and presentation. Please be aware that some aspects may be out of date – I’m constantly working on it in the background!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has emailed information and photographs for the website and who will do so in the future. Without your help we would never have achieved so much.

This website is independent and not connected with any manufacturer, retailer or repairer, although from time to time I may publish information supplied by them. The word teasmade is a genericised trademark, currently used for teasmades manufactured under the Swan Products brand.

All technical information given on this website is provided by amateurs and website visitors and cannot be guaranteed to be either safe or correct. Please consult a fully qualified expert before following any instructions or advice.