An Introduction to Repairs and Spares

Most teasmades are easy for the amateur mechanic to maintain and repair. If you would like to try to repair one yourself you can find several helpful articles in the Care and Repair category.

If you’d rather not get mechanical, a good local clock repairer or an old fashioned electrical shop is normally your first port of call. You might also like to look for your nearest Men’s Shed. Some of these specialise in repairing old technology and electricals.

Clock Repairs and More who used to deal in teasmade repairs at Clevedon Craft Centre on the edge of Clevedon near Bristol is now closed. Patrick’s telephone was 07904 491665, but I am not sure whether he is still trading.

If you own a Goblin you could try Hawkins Electrical in Penkridge, telephone 01785 714956. I believe the shop is now closed but the website is still live. Gordon Hawkins carries a large stocks of parts, including many bought direct from Goblin when their models became obsolete.

Spare parts and teapots for vintage teasmades are no longer manufactured. Your options are:

  • Long established electrical shops holding old stocks in their store rooms.
  • Ebay – look for single parts for sale, and complete vintage teasmades which can be cannibalised.
  • Clock repairers may hold standard parts in stock.

For light bulbs and braided fabric cable there are a number of specialist suppliers online, for example you could try the Vintage Light Bulb Company.

If you have an irreparable clock motor (US or UK) or a teasmade without a clock, electronic timers can be used instead.

If your teasmade is past repairing or you don’t think it’s worth selling, please don’t chuck it out! See here for my advice on buying and selling.