1969 Goblin Teasmade 815

The 815 was launched in 1969. The Goblin Teasmade 815 was originally made for hotels, but was later released for the retail market. (Date confirmed via Goblin Leatherhead records). This model had no clock, just a kettle and a teapot with an on/off switch, activated by the user. Technically, then, it is not a teasmade!

Goblin’s marketing materials described it as follows:

If you don’t need a clock or a light, this is the job for you. Flick the switch to make four cups of tea whenever you want them. Base measures a mere 10″ by 8.5″

Teasmade production was skyrocketing. Production for the 1st quarter of 1968 was 338,146 units.

My correspondant Rob from the Netherlands describes his 815 here: “What I have is a Goblin Teasmade model 815, serial number 17079. It is a very down to earth model. No clock or radio, just a black stick-switch and a red light at the front, a white earthenware pot with black-brown lid. Base: plastic and off-white. Works fantastically and makes a hell of a noise when tea is ready.”

In October 1973 Goblin agreed that the 815 was to be replaced by a new model number, the 852. Production continued until Autumn 1974.

Goblin 815
Goblin 815

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