1972 Goblin Teasmade 834b

The Goblin 834b was introduced in 1972. It featured a teapot detector, which had been requested by the hotel trade to prevent accidents. According to Goblin Leatherhead records the 834b ceased production in August 1972 when it was replaced by the 844 with the new rotary dial. Website regular Pete wrote:

My mother and father had a Goblin 834B Teasmade which they got as a wedding present 29 years ago (1973). It has recently broken despite having it’s life extended using the spoils of my grandma’s identical teasmade which had already broken some years before. Finding your website and browsing the history I noticed you didn’t have a picture of the Goblin 834b. I asked my mother what happened to it but I’m sorry to say after a lot of “should I, shouldn’t I”, she did! She had thrown it away. Strangely she did still have the old broken ‘donor’ teasmade of my grandma’s, which is sadly missing the kettle and light cover. The clock doesn’t work either. Unbelievably we still have the instruction manual too.