1974 Goblin Teasmade 853

One of four new models which were launched in Autumn 1974. Date confirmed via Goblin Leatherhead records. This model replaced the Goblin 843.

Teasmade collector Doug writes:

“I have restored the 853. It is very similar to the model 843b which has only the kettle with long swivelling syphon tube which is directed into your own teapot. It was in the usual grubby condition but worked fine.

Like all basic models it has no ‘Tea Now’ facility, which is just as well as it took 13mins 40secs from cold before it buzzed in. Well long enough to nip down to the kitchen, brew up and be back in bed drinking while the Goblin is still thinking about it! Probably why it has seen little use.

It occurred to me that the models without a teapot are the only types of Teasmades that can be seen in action. So these photos show the 853 1) in natural state 2) boiling and 3) boiled! – quite unique. The teapot is from an 860 that I bought for £1 – what better use? When I had finished I realised that I had been playing with boiling water on our polished table – not recommended!”