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1967 Goblin Teasmade D30 and D33

1967 Goblin Teasmade D30 and D33
Brick Wall Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

This deluxe model began development in 1965, but the first design was abandoned in January 1966 as it was not luxurious enough. A second attempt began early in 1966 with a target production date of June or July 1967 but the target date soon slipped due to competing projects. The favoured design, selected in March 1966, included a radio, which would probably be manufactured by Pye in Hong Kong.

At a design meeting in April 1966 Mr A E Sutton was still arguing that there was a market for a radio teasmade if adequately marketed, but despite his enthusiasm, the idea of a radio was dropped. A ‘Tea Now’ button and an illuminated dial remained in the plan.

The model was given the working name D30, but by June 1966 Goblin had decided to follow the D31, D32 sequence, calling it D32. Design was in progress on a lighting mock-up by January 1967, and the mock-up was being tested by April. At a design meeting in May 1967, Mr Barber commented that to get BEAB approval the kettle spout would need to be positively locked into position. At a design meeting on July 4th 1967 it was noted that heat tests were to be carried out on the D33’s lampshade before the next meeting. Mr Ind would contact Streetly regarding lampshades in heatproof material.