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2002 Micromark Time 4 Tea

Micromark Time 4 Tea
Micromark Time 4 Tea

In 2002 Micromark bought the original tooling for the Goblin Teamatic, and from that base, they manufactured the Time 4 Tea. It was first offered for sale in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 28th September 2002. Their press release read:

Leading electrical manufacturer, Micromark, is branching out by launching the Time 4 Tea tea-maker (MM9863), the company’s first-ever venture into the tea-making market.

This handy appliance combines a tea-maker with an alarm clock, which has an illuminated face, and comes complete with a stylish ceramic tea pot which can hold up to four cups, hence the name Time 4 Tea. It gives users the convenience of waking up to a morning cup of tea without having to get out of bed. The Time 4 Tea has an attractive design, combining classic white with stylish gold trim.

Rosalind Johnson, Product Manager at Micromark said: “This is an exciting product launch for Micromark as it’s our first tea-maker. The Time 4 Tea tea-maker is compact enough to fit on a bedside table and has a rapid boil facility so that you won’t have to wait too long for your morning cuppa. What’s more, the attractive, neutral design means that the Time 4 Tea will blend in with just about any home décor.”

James Aldridge, Senior Buyer for Small Appliances, added: “This is a very important launch for Micromark. It shows our intention to expand and develop our small appliances range by entering for the first time into a new, largely untapped market.”

The Time 4 Tea tea-maker (MM9863) will be on sale from October 2002, launching in time for Christmas shopping and is expected to be a great seller for Micromark during the festive period.

Unfortunately all stocks were recalled on 20th December 2002. Micromark had identified a fault that could develop on the circuit board of this product which might, in rare circumstances, result in the appliance catching fire. The following batch numbers were affected:

Model Numbers: MM9863 and MM9863MO
Batch Numbers: 209875/0208 and 209876/0208
Model and batch numbers were clearly indicated on labels on the base of the product.

If you own one of these products you should stop using the appliance immediately and unplug it from the mains supply.