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1952 Hawkins Tiffee LGH 1500

1952 Hawkins Tiffee
1952 Hawkins Tiffee

The Hawkins Tiffee 1500 and 1500A was basic model, without clock or light, and was introduced in December 1952. It was known as the Tea-V model.

The pictures supplied by website visitor Steve show his mint condition Tiffee, which has been in his family since new and has never had a plug fitted or been filled with water! It is still in its original box (although Steve admits that this is rather tatty), and it even has its instruction leaflet!

I have a 1954 catalogue which shows the Tiffee, listed as LGH 1500, price £3-19-6 (wholesale). It bears the delightful slogan: “Hawkins Tiffee – Tea in a Jiffy”

An advert in Woman’s Weekly in December 1953 lists the retail price as 79′-6, and another in December 1955 lists the retail price as £3-19-6.