1952 Pye Polly

LG Hawkins were connected with Pye Ltd as early as 1950, (a Pye letterhead of that date shows L G Hawkins as a director). Pye branded versions of Hawkins products were made.
The Pye Polly illustrated here is a wonderful Pye branded version of the Hawkins Tiffee in metallic blue. It was a basic design without a clock or a light.

Pye Polly with box

The Hawkins Tiffee LGH 1500 and 1500A were introduced in 1952. I have a 1954 catalogue which shows the Tiffee LGH 1500, price £3-19-6 (wholesale). It bears the delightful slogan “Hawkins Tiffee – Tea in a Jiffy”. An advert in Ideal Home in December 1953 lists the retail price as 79′-6 and another in December 1955 lists the retail price as £3-19-6.