1965 Russell Hobbs Electric Tea Maker

The Russell Hobbs Tea Maker was marketed in 1965. It is a fascinating device. For a long time I knew of it as only as a tea maker, but I later discovered that an optional alarm clock with a bakelite-like finish could be plugged into the teamaker on one side and a bedside lamp on the other, making this model Russell Hobbs’ first foray into the teasmade market.

The tea maker came in two finishes, a plain deep brown, called ‘Sepia Black’, and a delicate clover design named “Thrift”. Electric coffee jugs were also available in both of these finishes.

An assortment of china could be purchased to co-ordinate with the tea makers. The boxed “morning teaset” comprised a pair of cups and saucers, a sugar basin, a cream jug, and a ‘slop basin’, on which you could place either the water container or the teapot lid, whichever was not in use.