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1963 Hawkins Classic LGH 5000

Hawkins Classic LGH 5000
Hawkins Classic LGH 5000

The chrome plated deco styled Hawkins Classic LGH 5000 was made by L G Hawkins of Drury Lane, Hastings. It is known to have been available from 1963 to 1966 and was probably produced into the 1970’s.

This teasmade was advertised as a “Luxurious Tea and Coffee Maker” in the Gardiner of Bristol catalogue, 1966, for £19/10/7. The description states that it is “beautifully constructed of heavy chrome plate brass with black handles, face and clock dial,” and that “the unique design eliminates the rocking movement usual in teamakers”. Paul Linnell at the ‘Simply Switch On!’ website describes it thus:

Compact and elegant tea maker. Black stove-enamelled base with three equal height units in matt/brushed chrome-plated brass. The clock has a black face, and the kettle and teapot are rectangular. Semi-circular chrome-plated tube arches from kettle to pot. Angular black phenol plastic handles and lid knobs. Stylistically orphaned – geometric style looks Art Deco/Modernist but materials/finish are too late, but too early for 1970s high tech aesthetic.

The Hawkins LGH 5000 appeared on Bargain Hunt, series 35 episode number 28, first shown at 12:15pm on 2nd Sep 2013. It was bought for £75 and auctioned at £65. At the time of writing this post you could watch this episode here: Bargain Hunt Newark 10. The blue team were keen to buy something from the art deco period, and it is unclear whether antiques expert Anita Manning thought that it dated from the that era (as many buyers mistakenly do), or whether she realised that it was a 1960s model.

A different version of this teasmade, possibly a 1970s update, featured a satin finish, a central switch on the plinth, and an integral light fitting.

A clock very similar in style to this teasmade was sold, but it is not clear whether this was manufactured by Hawkins or another company. The picture in the gallery shows an example seen on ebay. The owner described the clock as follows: “Measures 5 1/2 high by 6 1/2 inches wide. Heavy chrome case with mahogany feet, in good clean condition. Perfect working order with buzzing alarm that can be turned off. Also features a “tell-tale” in the dial to show that it is running and continuous soft illumination of the dial. 240v 50c/s only. Self starting. Make uncertain; it just says Made in Great Britain on the dial.”