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1967 Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34

Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34
Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34

The Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34 was launched some time between 1967 and 1977. Christine kindly sent pictures of her Hostess TE34. The date of these models is not known but must have been produced between 1967 and 1977 and manufactured at Ekco-Hawkins’ Drury Lane, Hastings address. There is no clue on either the box or the instructions as to a specific date other than a label on the box which states “NEW C.E.E. CODED FLEXIBLE FITTED” and the wires, coloured brown, blue and green/yellow.

Graeme sent me details of his different version of the TE34. Both the teapot and the kettle are unmarked but on the bottom of the clock/lamp there is a sticker that says

230/40V 430W AC ONLY

On the underside of the tray there is circular stamp with the following in raised lettering EKCO-HAWKINS DRURY LANE HASTINGS (outer circle) MADE IN ENGLAND (inner circle).

The boiling water spout on the kettle has a plastic end piece that lifts up so that you can easily remove the teapot when full of tea without having to tilt anything. The metallic gold trim down the sides of the tray add a touch of class.

The Hostess has a particularly nice design feature in that you can choose to have the teapot either on the right or the left of the kettle, unlike Goblins, most of which have the teapot on the right of the kettle. This gives the Hostess two distinct advantages. Firstly it does not discriminate against left handed people who prefer to pick up teapots with their left hand, and secondly it gives the couple complete freedom to choose which side of the bed to have the Hostess so long as electricity supply is not a restriction. All in all it is really first class design, stylish looks, very functional and a 24hr clock which means you can set it when you get up in the morning and not have to leave it till the evening when you are tired and might forget.

This was the last teasmade to bear the Hawkins name.