1977 Goblin Teasmade 860

The Goblin Teasmade model 860 was launched in January 1977. Goblin anticipated that 50,000 units would be required for launch, and these were to be produced at Caslereagh Northern Ireland at a rate of 4000 per week. 50,000 rating plates were ordered.

Records from the launch confirm that there is no meaningful reasoning to Goblin’s Teasmade serial numbering system. When a modified type was introduced, the last production number was rounded up to the nearest hundred and 5000 added. Hence a memo in 1977 states that production of the model 860 was to commence at serial number 35001.

Leatherhead was dismayed by the first batch of a hundred 860s from Northern Ireland. All 100 were rejected with a variety of faults. An urgent meeting was held with the production manager, who no doubt got a rocket.

In June 1978 Boots returned 2431 model 860s from their stores. Needless to say the warehouse manager wanted to know how to dispose of them!

The Goblin 860 was produced until about 1984. Whereas some of the earlier machines had very crude wiring detail, with wax paper insulation, later models such as the Goblin 860 were very neatly finished including sensible cable ties where necessary.

A special 860 version was made with a kettle converted for coffee. This was made for export only, and examples have occasionally been seen in the US.

Download the Goblin 860 Manual

Goblin Teasmade 860 box
Goblin Teasmade 860 box