1974 Goblin Teasmade 855

The 855 was one of four new models which were launched in Autumn 1974. (Date confirmed via Goblin Leatherhead records). Like the 835c which it replaced, the 855 featured a magnolia body with a 45 degree wedge shaped front onto which a detachable tray could be slotted.

The 855 was similar in style to its predecessor, but the clock face and function indicatThe 855 was boxed with polystyrene packaging, the tray slotted in at the back.

The first 855 teasmades which were manufactured featured the old style large brass clock motor, which had been in since 1947. When stocks ran out in 1975 these models used the new M8 Swiss motor. Visually there was no change to the clock, except that the sweep second hand was dropped, and a little window cut out at the 9 o’clock position shows the rotating motor shaft.

Other small changes are evident from examples I have collected. The earliest features a brown lid and handle on the kettle, but the later models are black. The teapots on the two earlier models have a knob shaped lid but the latest model features the inset type lid.

The 855 was available with a Royal Albert Silver Maple tea set as an optional extra. This set comprised two cups and saucers, a jug, sugar bowl and two teaspoons.

Production continued to approx 1979.