1967 Goblin Teasmade D25c Queen Anne

The D25c Queen Anne was manufactured in 1967. The Queen Anne came as a Gift Pack which cost £29.11.2 in 1970. It included a china teaset (two cups and saucers, a cream jug and a sugar bowl), which for at least part of the production run was Royal Albert Silver Maple.

Early models had the standard D25 clock face (confirmed by advertisements of the period). Later models had the new brushed stainless steel clock face which featured on the forthcoming D25d, but I have only been advised of one example so far, serial number 397154.

This model was also made in a 110v version for the US market.

See also Operating Instructions for D20, D21 and D25.

1966 Goblin D25c Queen Anne
1966 Goblin D25c Queen Anne