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Magneta BVC

Magneta Clock
Magneta Clock

British Vacuum Cleaner acquired the Magneta Time Company in about 1937. The Magneta Time Company remained as a separate division of BVC. They manufactured master clocks for use in post offices, telephone exchanges and other commercial and industrial settings.

By 1947 Magneta were manufacturing the Goblin Timespot, Industrial Radio Receivers and Public Address Systems.

By 1969 Magneta BVC, were making a wide variety of products in Fulham, including music systems, time recorders, master clock systems, public address systems, disco turntables, and electronic security systems.

An updated Goblin Clock Radio, model 931, was introduced in the 1960s. This model was mains operated and featured a simple radio tuner, and a switch on the lamp for either high or low beam intensity.

International Time Recording Holdings acquired the Magneta Time Products activity of BVC in 1973.