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2006 Sunbeam Zarafina TH1000

The Sunbeam Zarafina is a compact two cup tea maker which was internationally available from 2006.
2006 Sunbeam Zarafina TH1000

The Sunbeam Zarafina is compact two cup tea maker. It does not have an alarm or clock function, but I am including it here as it is a rare thing: an internationally available tea making machine.

The Zarafina is sufficiently refined to allow adjustment of brewing temperatures and times in order to compensate for different tea varieties, and you can select your desired strength. It is a pleasure to watch the process through the clear brewing chamber, and the ceramic pot has a traditional feel with a contemporary edge, which is reminiscent of teasmade designs.

The company website www.zarafina.com has ceased operation (pre 2020), and only used machines are available. Be cautious if you buy one, as there have been some variations in build quality and there is no longer any customer support.

You can watch a product demo video here: