British Made

Over the last two days Doug Fennell and I have been visited by Touch Productions’ ‘low impact crew’ (gosh, I’m picking up the lingo already!) for a 15 minute documentary short for Channel 4. The programme will be one in a series of five on great British inventions. The series will also feature the polypropylene stacking chair, the Morris Minor, the London Cab and the deckchair.

I have done a couple of radio appearances before now. Maggie Philbin and Vanessa Feltz were my interviewers. In each case they were charming and professional and thankfully I found them both very supportive, which made the experience a painless one. This, however, was my first venture into the world of television. The Touch Productions crew were delightful and gave me just enough confidence to do a passable job. We set up four teasmades in my kitchen for the filming and they behaved impeccably.

The presenter will be Charlie Luxton, best known for the TV series Dreamspaces. I don’t think anyone will be rushing to offer me a job as a presenter quite yet!

Here is the final episode:

British Mad – The Teasmade, Touch Productions for Channel 4