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1969 Goblin Teasmade 833

1963 Goblin 833
1963 Goblin 833

Development of the 833 completed at the end of 1968 and it was launched in 1969. It featured crisp styling in white plastic with an integrated translucent acrylic lamp unit. There was a brushed aluminium clock, fascia and lamp top, and a chrome-plated copper kettle of new design. Switches for light, tea-making and alarm were all set on the front. As with the D31 this model specified a 40w candle bulb.

The example illustrated is in the National Science Museum. It was manufactured in Leatherhead in 1972. It was presented by Dr T J Rothwell of Cotterstock.

According to Goblin Leatherhead records the 833 series ceased production in August 1972 when it was replaced by the 843.