1967 Goblin Teasmade D25c

The Goblin Teasmade model D25c was manufactured from 1967. The kettle is similar to the D25b but has ball impressed feet. The platform is reversed from the previous model: the kettle on the left and the teapot on the right. This style and arrangement of teapot right and kettle left remained standard from this point onwards. The socket and plug, now on the other side, has a circular 3 pin internal earth.

The D25b Queen Anne model was also updated to the D25c Queen Anne.

Reader Caroline from Belgium owns a D25C serial number 332215 which has an extra switch in the middle below the clock. The machine was bought by in the UK in the 60s and has been in the family ever since. It is still in perfect working order. The switch is almost identical to the ones on the side (except for the on/off sign on top and below the switch. Does anyone else have this switch, or do you know anything about it?

See also Operating Instructions for D20, D21 and D25.

Goblin D25c from Belgium with central switch
Goblin D25c from Belgium with central switch